Vision, Mission Objective


“To promote management Education to meet challenges and the ever-increasing demand of the industry and service sector.”


  • Facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organization through Leaders, Entrepreneur, and managers equipped with sate of the art management knowledge.
  • Generating, Acquiring assimilation and exchanging management know how in, and from, the global community.
  • Implementing innovative, globally benchmarked product and process for education, training, consulting, research and management development


  • To promote knowledge through research, both applied and conceptual, relevant to management, and to disseminate such knowledge through publications.
  • To participate in and contribute to the formulation of public policy, which would provide answers to questions of social importance.
  • To enhance the decision-making skills and the administrative competence of practicing managers and assist organizations to solve their managerial problems by providing them with consulting services based on actual requirements.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in India and abroad with a view to further professionalizing management education and assisting in institution building, in a meaningful manner.